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    1. Explain
    Crowdsource explanations for the neurons inside AI.
    2. Verify
    Verify explanations that people have submitted.
    3. Safer AI
    Data is sent to researchers to build safer AI.


    Beating GPT-4

    Verifications (Digs)


    screenshot of explain mode in the game. a pixel wizard is explaining a list of text.
    Explain Neurons
    Our protagonist Aigen (eye-gun) is suffering from AI-mnesia, and it's up to you to recover their memories by finding patterns in the clues.
    Verify Explanations
    Aigen's trusty dog, Vector, is eager to help their caretaker by digging up memories and earning Bones, the in-game currency.
    screenshot of dig mode in the game. a pixel dog is verifying text.
    screenshot of the leaderboard, a list of users with their pets.
    Explaining and verifying gives you XP, and leveling up helps you climb the global leaderboard (aka "Aigens' Space").
    Equipment and Potions
    Use the Bones you earn from Dig to buy potions and equipment to boost Aigen's abilities. You can even buy a dog hat to keep Vector's head warm.
    screenshot of the shop in the game showing potions and hats for sale.
    screenshot of a text conversation where two players are sharing their neuronpedia results. one of them complains that their puzzles were really hard today. the other says lol sure.
    Share and Compare
    One tap to share your results with friends, Wordle-style. How many times did you 🧙 beat GPT 🤖 today?
    Mobile Friendly
    Can't sleep? Got AI nightmares? Instead of doomscrolling, play Neuronpedia from your phone. From your browser, tap "Add to Home Screen".
    screenshot of dig mode in the game. a pixel dog is verifying text.
    0+ Crowdsourced Explanations
    Beating GPT-4 In Over Half
    Committed to Open Data and Transparency
    All data sourced by Neuronpedia is freely available for research purposes. You can browse all data using the button below, or if you want a specific data export or format, just ask.
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