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    Neuronpedia is built and operated by Neuronpedia LLC. Its primary contributor is Johnny Lin, who cares about privacy and understands it well. He previously founded a privacy startup and has written about it in places like FastCo and WaPo.
    Neuronpedia is a new project that aims to accelerate AI interpretability research. It currently has no method or plans for monetization. There are no ads, third party trackers, or tracking across different websites.

    That said, the point of Neuronpedia is for users to contribute useful data to help explain, understand, and build safer AI. In order to do that, Neuronpedia does need to collect said data, and do things like user registration so you can log in. Neuronpedia uses anonymized analytics that's built into the cloud provider, which gives it broad, non-personally identifiable information about things like how many people visit the website.

    If you log in via Github, Apple, or Google, Neuronpedia saves the email address that you have provided to those accounts in order to keep track of your account and send you transactional emails, like emails to reset your password. Neuronpedia uses cookies to ensure you stay logged in. Neuronpedia does not request any permissions to your Github repositories. If you are feeling paranoid, feel free to create a throwaway Github account to log in. However, please note that Neuronpedia cannot merge accounts for you later if you do wish to credit your actual Github account with your Neuronpedia contributions.

    When you contribute to Neuronpedia, such as vote on explanations, or add new explanations for a neuron, your public username may be publicly credited with that contribution. You may change your username at any time. If you wish to delete your data, you can simply email us your deletion request from the email address that you registered with.

    In order to provide AI researchers with useful data, Neuronpedia will allow exports of the data you contribute. For example, if you add an explanation for a neuron, your explanation may later be exported for analysis by researchers. Remember, that is the entire point of the website - to advance AI interpretability. Neuronpedia will not include personally identifiable information in these data exports, like your email address or IP address.
    Terms of Use
    Don't do illegal stuff. We're not sure how you could use Neuronpedia to do anything illegal, but if you figure out a way, don't do it. Illegal means whatever the laws prohibit in your jurisdiction and Neuronpedia's (California, USA). This includes things like spamming Neuronpedia or trying to abuse the voting system.

    Don't be mean. Other people are also on Neuronpedia, and they presumably want to have an enjoyable experience while helping advance AI interpretability. If you are abusive, mean, or harmful to other users, you will be banned. Neuronpedia reserves the right to define harmful behavior.

    Warranty. This website comes with zero warranty and by using it, you agree to not hold Neuronpedia or its creators liable for anything that happens on it. Neuronpedia does not guarantee that anything will work perfectly. If you use Neuronpedia, you are responsible for your actions on Neuronpedia. Neuronpedia will not protect you if you do silly things like try to harass another user.
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